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CCTV Camera for Security Surveillance in Singapore

Maximise your security with the best CCTV Cameras in Singapore. Explore our CCTV Solutions below.

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Protect your Premises from Security Threats


Diffuse or solve any surveillance-related issues with our wide range of CCTV Camera solutions and security systems.

With guaranteed quality assurance and a seamless end-to-end process, we tailor solutions based on your unique needs.


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Are you confused about which CCTV Camera to get?

Yes, there are many types of CCTV cameras out there, so how do you choose what’s best for you?

We are not going to bombard you with technical information of CCTV specs if you're unfamiliar with them.

Let our CCTV Camera experts help you by answering a few questions below:

1. Location (Indoor/Outdoor)
2. How many CCTV Cameras you want
3. How big of an area do you want to capture

4. Your budget


No pressure on your side, just answer a few simple questions and we’ll do the heavy lifting! Let us advise you on what camera types and packages are best for you, within your budget.  

nightmare cctv contractor standing in a worksite

Look out for nightmare contractors! 

Are you googling for the cheapest cctv contractors in Singapore, but worries about the quality and after sales service? 

Cheap can be expensive. Like nightmare interior designers, there are also unfortunately, nightmare contractors in our industry offering cheap packages that turn out to be a nightmare.


Don’t let these irresponsible contractors who flake and disappear after installation scare you away! 

We recognise the black sheeps of this industry, and we uphold the highest standards of quality and customer service to our clients, even after we’ve earned the money from your installation. 

We pride ourselves on high quality and customer service to build long term relationships

We only offer you the best quality products, with fast installation, full price transparency, zero hidden cost, and guaranteed after-sales support.

For a sustainable long-term working relationship, we’re happy to advise you on any problems that you may face, be it a technical issue or a simple query on how your CCTV works if you have forgotten about it. 

We assure you that we’re here with you in every step of your journey with us.

How do I choose which CCTV Camera installer to engage?

You’re googling the best contractor, but are confused by all the different packages and offerings, and the different types of cameras out there. 

You also want the best responsible installer, but top 10 lists of which CCTV installers are best in Singapore are NOT trustable. Why? They pay to be Number 1.

So who can you trust? 

Choose contractors with strong expertise and experience

You should select an installer with a robust track record of providing such installation services.

We have over 2000 clients in all industries, from residential to commercial in different sectors. 

Our expertise of over 25 years have landed us huge projects with big MNCs like Google, Mapletree, and GSK, as well as government agencies like Town councils, Singapore prison, MOE, and more. 

Why engage Keydence? We let our experience speak for us.


Over $100 Million

Project Value


Satisfied Clients


Google Reviews Rating

Over 25 Years

of Industry Experience

What should you know before getting a CCTV Camera?

Let's guide you to discover what you want in a CCTV Camera

Here are some CCTV basics you should know when you are looking to install a CCTV security system.

There are many different types of CCTV cameras with different functionalities that we sell here. Before you make a decision to buy, there are a few factors that you should consider when choosing a CCTV camera. It might help to know how PoE switches could be a practical option for CCTV.

What functions do you want in your camera?


To advise on which CCTV camera is the most suitable for you, here are some questions you should ask yourself

Eg. Indoor/outdoor camera? How long do you want the CCTV footage to be kept?  Who/what do you want to record - people, children, vehicles, objects? Do you want smart AI tracking capabilities? Any unique technical specifications? What type of location is it going to be installed in? How wide do you want the view to be?

It's okay to not know what you want.

Let our experts help you decide the best CCTV Camera Solutions for you! 

cctv camera contractor installing cameras on wall
Camera Installation

What are the Different Types of CCTV Cameras?

Types of CCTV cameras out there

The 2 main types of CCTV Surveillance Cameras out there are 1. Analog Camera, and 2. IP Camera. What's the difference between Analog camera and IP camera?

Nowadays, we would recommend going for IP Cameras since the newer technology ensures better system compatibility.

While these are the 2 main types, we have a wide range of cameras that perform different functions as well, eg. Bullet Camera, Dome Camera, PTZ Camera (Pan-Tilt-Zoom), Waterproof Camera, Day/Night Camera, Infra-Red Camera, Solar Energy Camera, and more.

We understand there are many options available, and that can be confusing.

"Awesome company with great experienced workers. They know what to do. Trust me. They are good!"

"Job is done great as it's much brighter than before, even before their previous lighting was spoiled."

"Job is done great as it's much brighter than before, even before their previous lighting was spoiled."

"Job is done great as it's much brighter than before, even before the previous lighting was spoiled."

"Thank you for the prompt response in scheduling for the faults. Much appreciated!"

"Staff is responsible and friendly. They are able to answer and propose solutions which met my requirements."

See what our Clients are saying

Criminals caught.jpg

Real Case Study: Catching Criminals with our Cameras

Did you know that the Police caught a criminal with our cameras?

Our client (Peninsula Excelsior Hotel) has captured clear footages of these criminals with our CCTV cameras and helped the police to trace their footsteps.


According to this Straits Times article, they were captured as the plane was taking off as the police force-stopped the plane's take-off in time. With our highly efficient, time-saving security systems, catching a criminal at peninsula hotel?


In dire emergency situations, Keydence can beat the time crunch to deliver you what you need the most.

Why should you install CCTV Cameras in Singapore?

There are multiple benefits of installing CCTV Cameras in your properties such as having 24/7 monitoring, remote monitoring, and a peace of mind.

Our solutions deters crimes and ensures your wellbeing as you are able to identify unauthorised access, intrusion, suspicious persons, and thieves outside HDB flats.

You can also increase convenience, improve work efficiency, protect your assets, cut manpower cost, and many more.

Why are our CCTV Cameras the best in Singapore?

Our CCTV Cameras are equipped with advanced AI capabilities to look for a person or vehicle using CCTV AI Video Analytics.


We use face recognition, height and body recognition, clothes recognition, and vehicle detection. Instead of looking through hours of footages, you can find a person with just 2 clicks, especially useful for urgent situations involving criminals and lost children.

Ready to have a peace of mind? Safeguard your property with us!

Thief on camera(compressed).png

Some of our CCTV camera installation works in Singapore

See how we install high quality CCTV solutions for you behind the scenes.