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Introduction to CCTV Systems

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is an expected requirement in today’s security system requirements. They are perfect for abnormality detection, including intrusions.

Whether it’s for your home or workplace, the CCTV has become increasingly important in today’s modern times.

We are in an era where we give out so much personal information – when we sign up for a membership, make an online purchase or even grocery shop. This information exposes our location and allows threats to reach us easily, making us vulnerable. We might even have provided a visual map of our home on social media when we post pictures of our interior. While technology has made us vulnerable, it can keep us safe too.

Our accumulated years of technical know-how in CCTV surveillance camera field enables us to provide quick and reliable installation services. Our experience stretches from HDB cctv, indoor CCTV camera for office and outdoor CCTV security camera for office. Currently, we are the preferred building CCTV contractor for several household brands and government entities.

The expertise we boast allows us to offer you not only quality products but also a wide variety of cameras for sale. Ranging from the likes of IP camera alarm systems, In-car cameras, wireless spy cameras, spy cam clocks to that of pan-tilt cameras which offer round-the-clock surveillance both indoors and outdoors. Expect the same one-stop service with our CCTV security camera installation as well.

Legal Concerns

Have you ever wondered whether CCTV cameras are allowed to be installed outside your HDB home? You don’t need to ponder anymore because as incidence of theft and burglary has increased drastically over the years the government has become liberal about the installation of CCTV Cameras outside your corridor. After all, these devices have become important tools to protect and prevent anyone from harm.

There have been cases of molestation and thefts that the CCTV Security Camera has become a necessity. Of course, authorities understand the privacy issues therefore limiting the number of cameras. However, please take note before going ahead and installing a CCTV Camera you should write in to HDB to request for permission just in case, as laws about CCTV Camera are still ambiguous.

Pick the right CCTV Camera

Once your request has been approved by HDB you can start to source out for CCTV Cameras, there are many companies that provide them. You just have to Google “CCTV cameras in Singapore” and there will be a whole lot of companies you would be able to select from. There are two types of CCTV Cameras, one is referred to as analogue, the other is called the IP Camera.

IP cameras are increasingly being used in surveillance circuit electronics, where they are replacing traditional CCTV cameras. They can be either wired or wireless, cutting the cost and maintenance required for regular cameras used in a CCTV surveillance circuit. IP cameras tend to capture better quality images, which is especially helpful in the case of moving targets, as frame rates can be adjusted according to the bandwidth provided.

They support two-way communication and hence can send customized alert signals in case of suspicious activity or other predefined occurrences. Hundreds of gigabytes of video and image data can be stored in video servers, which can be retrieved at any time.

The best analogue surveillance camera still can’t hold a candle to the worst IP camera when it comes to the resolution of the image it captures. At best, an analogue camera can manage the equivalent of less than half a megapixel, whereas a Megapixel camera wouldn’t be much good if it didn’t produce an image of at least ONE of the things it’s named after. It depends on what you need, if it is for your house then an analogue will suffice as a HDB corridor is average in size.

Hire a professional

If you have no prior experience in installing a CCTV Camera then it is better that you do not attempt it yourself and instead hire a professional to set it up for you. It saves time and happens to be more productive as time wasted cannot be earned back.

If a professional is engaged, they will also be able to guide you through the technical issues that might crop up so that you can be more prepared in future. At times the data in the software can get deleted based on the product’s software so it is important to be well-educated and to know how to function it.

It is recommended that you hire a reputable CCTV installation company that has worked with reputable organizations. If you search properly, you can also get free onsite quotation for the installation cost.

This quotation is very useful to help you avoid getting any hidden fees from the installation service. This quotation usually contains all important details about the installation procedure. Be vary as some companies are not very helpful with after-support and maintenance.


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