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Interested In Securing Your Business? Invest In Alarm Systems

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Investing in the right home security system is a judicious decision, particularly if you reside in Singapore despite its low crime rate. It is essential to conduct thorough research and select an appropriate smart security system to maximize your investment, as it offers more than just an alarm. Let us delve into why it is imperative to invest in alarm systems.

Deterrence of Criminal Activity

A security alarm system in Singapore can deter criminals from targeting your business with its loud siren and flashing lights. A study conducted by the University of North Carolina on convicted burglars found that 60% of them first looked for an alarm system and abandoned their plans when they found one. A 2009 study by Rutgers also found that an increase in the number of home security systems in an area led to a decrease in residential robberies, creating a safer neighbourhood for everyone, even those without a security system. Thus, a security alarm system not only protects your belongings but also deters crime and promotes safety.

Increases Home Value

Installing a security alarm system in your home before putting it up for sale can have many benefits. It can significantly increase the value of your home. Alarm systems give potential buyers the confidence that their property will be secure and safe from future threats. This sense of security can alleviate any concerns and make them feel comfortable in their decision to purchase the property. On the other hand, having a security system installed in your home shows that you have taken the necessary steps to protect the property and its occupants, making it a more attractive selling point. Inform potential buyers about the security system and its benefits. You can share information about the type of system, its features, and how it can help keep their home safe and secure.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

Having the right security alarm system installed in your home not only ensures uncompromised safety but can also lead to cost savings. Many home insurance companies offer significant discounts to homeowners who install alarm systems, allowing you to save money and allocate it to more important matters. Therefore, if you have a security alarm system installed in your home, be sure to inform your insurance company. You may be eligible for a discount on your premiums.

Protection Against Fire and Other Hazards

Some alarm systems include smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. They can provide you and your family with an added layer of protection, quickly alerting you to potentially life-threatening situations. This can help prevent property damage and, more importantly, save lives.


Investing in a security alarm system in Singapore is cost-effective in the long run. It can prevent the loss of assets and reduce insurance costs. It can also prevent potential legal liabilities that may arise from a security breach.

When selecting a security alarm system for your business, consider the following features:

Security cameras

A comprehensive security alarm system should include more than just intrusion alerts. It should also have security cameras that allow you to monitor activity both inside and outside your property. With security cameras in place, you can receive immediate notifications of any suspicious activity, such as unwelcome visitors approaching your front door or suspicious vehicles parked near your home.

Professional Alarm Monitoring & Video Surveillance

The best alarm systems are those that offer complete control over your property through remote video surveillance and alarm monitoring. With these systems, you can monitor your home and property from any mobile device, giving you real-time information about any potential security threats.

Protect Your Business Today with Keydence Systems' Cutting-Edge Security Solutions!

Investing in a security alarm system is a smart decision for any business. Consider working with a reputable security alarm system Singapore company to provide your workplace with the necessary protection. The initial investment is worth it in the long run, as it can prevent costly losses and provide peace of mind.

Securing your business with a reliable and cutting-edge security system is essential in today's world. Keydence Systems has been a leading provider of invaluable security systems and camera solutions for nearly two decades. With 24/7 professional monitoring and the latest technology that can record images in high definition and at very high resolutions, Keydence Systems ensures that your business is protected round the clock.

Contact Keydence Systems today to invest in their top-notch security systems and camera solutions and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your business is secure.


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