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Door Access Control System

Door Access System | Keydence Systems

Door access systems have become a necessity in today’s world. 


Combined with contemporary design and sophisticated scanning technology, we provide scalable access control solutions to restricted areas within your business premises. 


If you have sensitive information or equipment that needs protecting from unauthorised usage or theft, using a smart door lock system will ensure that only authorised employees are able to get into those rooms by presenting their registered biometric data.

Door Access Accessories

Detect changes occurring across your facilities and oversee clocking data with multiplier types of identification.


Available door access accessories include: key fobs, proximity cards, digital keypads, stand alone card reader, and more! 


These items function conjointly with one another for a smooth transaction entering or exiting through an entranceway. 

Biometric Door Access

Get rid of fraudulent time claims and verify accurate identity. The biometric door access adopts optical sensor activation technologies to record staff attendance at different times throughout the day.


It takes no more than a few seconds to verify an employee’s finger and the accessed timing accurately.

Fingerprint Door Access

Fingerprint door access is the ultimate deterrence against customer theft, employee theft, and burglary. 


Proven as a well-functioning touch-based area sensor, our user-friendly fingerprint door access facilities help track and process  employee attendance patterns in a fast and smart way.


Simply place your finger to gain authorised access.

Facial Recognition Door Access

With security breaches becoming evermore prevalent, use the facial recognition technology that  modernises physical access by way of ‘faceprint’ templates. 


For scenarios requiring enhanced convenience, Keydence Systems’ suite of facial recognition door accessories uses computed algorithms and human textural features to work in tandem with speed gates, turnstiles and other keyless entry systems.

Protect, engage and automate with door access system

Door access systems save you time and money, by granting your employees or members access in seconds, helping you save on staff man-hours and service costs.


You can get more out of your building property—more comfort and more security. Our products let you monitor activity on your doors while keeping unauthorised individuals out completely.


Unlocking your lock is just a tap away!

If interested, feel free to contact us for catalogues of products that would suit your needs.

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