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Solar Panel System

Why Solar Panel System?

Solar panel systems are a great way to harness solar energy and use it for your own benefit. 


The photovoltaic (PV) panels convert sunlight directly into electricity by absorbing it and generating a flow of electrons or negative charges. There’s no limit to how much solar energy can be converted into electricity.

It takes about 10 years for a solar panel system to pay for itself in terms of energy savings. After that point, you can continue enjoying free electricity — there’s no better investment than one that pays off with no further effort on your part!


  • Cut Electricity Usage 

With solar power converting sunlight into electricity, you will no longer have to pay high bills every month. 


  • Say No To Pollution

No harmful emissions of CO2 or greenhouse gases are produced while active during the day.


  • Increased Home Value

Solar energy systems add value to your home or property by increasing its resale value.


  • Smart Meter Monitoring

Stay updated with remote meter readings of your electricity consumption 24 hrs a day.

  • Lasts a Long Time

Made from silicon, solar panels will last for decades without any signs of wear and tear.

Why Choose Keydence Systems?

Our solar panel systems come in various sizes depending on how much energy you want to generate from sunlight and how much space you have available for installation in your home. 


You can choose between small panels for home use or larger commercial panels. 


Our team will help install them with planned maintenance for the optimum performance of your solar panels according to manufacturing guidelines.

Impact the planet. Invest in your future

Installing solar panels can fix tomorrow’s energy costs today while at the same time promoting care for the environment. 


Take charge of your energy bills by making the switch to solar power when you need it the most.

If interested, feel free to contact us for catalogues of products that would suit your needs.


Solar Panel Systems

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