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AI Video Analytics Singapore


Image, Face, Clothes, Height, Colour Recognition.

Explore how our smart CCTVs can help search and detect people and vehicles with just 2 clicks.


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Video Analytics (VA) Around Us

What is Video Analytics (VA)?

It's the integration of Facial Recognition (FR) and Artificial Intelligent (AI) assisted Video Analytics (VA) into existing CCTV Cameras.


Our security systems are enabled with video analytics that uses motion detection and pattern recognition.

Our AI CCTV Cameras can detect, predict, and prevent traffic congestion, security threats, accidents, and other anomalies.


People Identification Technology - Behavioural Biometrics

Characteristics like facial expressions, hand gestures, body movements, and gait recognition – aka gait biometrics are used for people identification.

This technology is used for aggression detection, brawl detection, robbery or theft detection, and more.

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You have CCTV Cameras, So Why Should You Use Video Analytics?

CCTV cameras record and monitor your property around the clock, ensuring full security coverage.

Video analytics go a step further with AI by enabling cameras to understand what they're seeing and filtering out key moments that matter the most in just a few seconds.


Traditional CCTV Camera footages are hours of recordings, but once coupled with Video Analytics, the same cameras can send alerts to potential threats or non-compliance immediately, with the retrieval of right footage.


Let us help you act faster and more efficiently to potential threats. 

Stolen Items? Catch the Thief in Just 2 Clicks.


Managing a large number of CCTV Cameras is tough, and keeping track of incidents requires a lot of manpower. With Video Analytics, we are able to set up filters to meet specific security or business needs.

Such includes:

  • Direction filters

  • Dwell filter with variable time threshold

  • Speed filter with upper and lower speed thresholds

  • Object filters to filter out non-key objects ie. small animals, moving leaves, etc


Do you have CCTV Cameras installed? Save time with immediate AI insights.

Save Money with Video Analytics

Reduce 80-90%* of manpower cost reduction by eliminating manual inspections and sifting through hours of video footages.

Video Analytics are your eyes that run 24/7. You can also retrieve key incidence evidence with high accuracy, which has a direct effect on legal, litigation and insurance costs.

Ready to go digital? Let our team of experts customise and configure for you.

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Video Analytics Used in Security and Surveillance

Video Analytics can detect and identify people and vehicles in real-time

  • Perimeter Protection / Intruder Detection

  • License Plate Recognition (LPR)/ (ANPR)

  • Security Access Point Monitoring

  • Camera Tampering

  • Fire Detection

  • Unattended Object Detection

  • Dangerous Objects and Weapon Detection

  • Illegal Activity Detection

    • Littering, loitering, begging, etc

  • Crowd Flow Analysis

    • Detect movement in unwanted or prohibited directions

  • Crowd Management

    • Trigger alerts once threshold is reached/passed

    • Used in shopping malls, hospitals, stadiums, airports, etc

Unsure of what features to include? 

We understand there are many options available, and that can be confusing.

"Awesome company with great experienced workers. They know what to do. Trust me. They are good!"

"Job is done great as it's much brighter than before, even before their previous lighting was spoiled."

"Job is done great as it's much brighter than before, even before their previous lighting was spoiled."

"Job is done great as it's much brighter than before, even before the previous lighting was spoiled."