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PABX Telephone System

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Tech-Based Telephone Solution

When it comes to businesses, your phone system matters. A PBX phone system is a centrally controlled phone system, whereas a PABX phone system is not. In traditional PBX systems, human operators handle the switchboards used in telephone exchanges.  But PABX systems are digitalised to automate the switching process. 

Make your business run smoothly with Keydence Systems’ PABX system. 

Our all-inclusive package range for PABX system allows full control of inbound and outbound call flow scenarios using multiple lines at different locations.  

Delivered over a broadband connection, your network will perform at the highest efficiency according to the reliability levels demanded by your enterprise.


  • Fully cloud-hosted to connect from anywhere.

  • Eliminates the need to go back and forth on a phone call.

  • Requires no sourcing individual network components.

  • No more hiring extra receptionists or calling secretaries.

  • Real-time call monitoring for better customer service.

Get Connected With High Quality Calls

With a breadth of product knowledge, our service team provides uninterrupted connectivity solutions to help companies leverage their communication system for successful business continuity.

If interested, feel free to contact us for catalogues of products that would suit your needs.

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