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Correctional Facilities Security


Advanced Security Solutions for Correctional Facilities

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Complete oversight, safety, and responsibility


Correctional facility operators face distinctive security requirements. Balancing the security of the building layout, visitor management systems, residents, and staff while maintaining efficiency, adhering to budgets, and managing time presents complex challenges.

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How is Correctional Facilities Security Utilized? 

Correctional facilities utilize modern tools such as facial recognition, AI-powered access control, and CCTV cameras linked to 24-hour watchlist alerting to reduce risk and maintain proper security levels.


What is Correctional Facilities Security? 

Correctional Facilities Security encompasses measures and systems implemented to maintain order, safety, and security within institutions like prisons and jails. It aims to ensure the well-being of both staff and inmates while preventing escapes, violence, and unauthorized activities.

Key Components of Correctional Facilities Security

Physical Security:


Designing facilities to prevent escapes and unauthorized entry with features like secure perimeters and surveillance systems.


Staffing and Personnel:


Employing staff members crucial for maintaining order and responding to incidents effectively.


Inmate Management:


Managing inmate behavior through enforcement of rules, searches, and conflict resolution.




Utilizing advanced technologies such as surveillance cameras and access control systems.




Providing training for staff to handle various situations effectively.


Policies and Procedures:


Implementing guidelines to maintain a structured environment.


Emergency Response:


Having protocols in place for responding to emergencies.


Collaboration with Law Enforcement:


Working closely with law enforcement agencies to address external threats and coordinate responses.


Why is Correctional Facilities Security Important? 

Correctional Facilities Security is essential for:


  • Public Safety

  • Inmate Safety

  • Staff Safety

  • Prevention of Escape

  • Maintaining Order and Discipline

  • Rehabilitation

  • Deterrence

  • Legal Compliance

  • Prevention of Contraband


In general, Correctional Facilities Security aims to strike a balance between punishment, public safety, and rehabilitation, ensuring that individuals serving sentences are supervised in a manner that adheres to legal standards, safeguards the community, and fosters positive outcomes for both inmates and society at large.

When is Correctional Facilities Security Utilized?

Correctional Facilities Security is utilized continuously, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the year. The necessity for security in correctional facilities is perpetual due to housing convicted individuals. Security measures are maintained to safeguard both inmates and staff, prevent escapes, uphold order, and preserve the overall security and integrity of the facility.


Key Aspects of Continuous Correctional Facilities Security

24/7 Operations:


Correctional facilities maintain round-the-clock operations to address potential issues, emergencies, or security threats at all times.


Preventive Measures:


Security protocols are not solely reactive but also preventive, aiming to deter incidents, maintain discipline, and discourage rule violations.


Routine Procedures:


Security measures are integrated into routine procedures, including regular inmate counts, searches, monitoring of activities, and adherence to established policies and regulations.


Emergency Response:


Facilities must be prepared to respond to emergencies such as riots, medical crises, or natural disasters at any time, with security measures in place to handle such situations effectively.


Staffing Levels:


Adequate staffing is essential for maintaining security, with correctional officers and staff members working in shifts to ensure continuous coverage and response capabilities.


Technological Surveillance:


Surveillance systems operate 24/7 to monitor facility activities, utilizing cameras, access control systems, and other technologies.


Consistent Rule Enforcement:


Correctional facilities uphold consistent enforcement of rules and regulations, with correctional officers actively managing inmate behavior and promptly responding to infractions.


In essence, Correctional Facilities Security is an ongoing and indispensable component of daily operations within correctional institutions, guaranteeing safety, order, and security within the facility.

Perimeter Security Solution for Correctional Facilities 

A customized security solution is imperative to significantly enhance the security of correctional facilities and prevent inmates from escaping or smuggling contraband. Inmates continually devise new methods to evade security measures, posing challenges for prison staff in maintaining safety and order. To effectively identify potential threats, correctional facilities can deploy an integrated security solution that enhances communication and coordination among staff and provides real-time insights to bolster security measures. In essence, a tailored security solution is indispensable for safeguarding correctional facilities against the evolving tactics of inmates.


A Comprehensive Security System for Prisons

Keydence Systems has developed an advanced perimeter security system tailored to monitor and control activities within and around prison premises. Our system diligently surveils the perimeter for intrusions, accurately classifies targets, and enables prompt response by prison management and staff, thwarting escape attempts and contraband smuggling. Designed specifically for high-security environments like prisons, our system meets stringent requirements for reliability, robustness, and user-friendliness, making it the ideal choice for prisons seeking to upgrade their security infrastructure.

Why Choose Keydence?

Keydence's solution offers a cost-effective ownership model, requiring minimal infrastructure and maintenance, while boasting superior technological capabilities that virtually eliminate nuisance and false alarms, unaffected by external factors like lighting and weather conditions.


Keydence Ground-Based Radars

Exceptional detection performance


  • Utilizes MIMO & digital beam-forming technology for unparalleled resolution and performance.

  • Detects individuals, vehicles, or vessels within a range of 150m to 1km.

  • Provides supreme azimuth coverage of 100°-120° and elevation coverage of up to 30°, eliminating blind spots.

  • Achieves high range accuracy of <1m and azimuth accuracy of 0.7°-1°.

  • Ensures reliable detection under all weather and lighting conditions.

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"Job is done great as it's much brighter than before, even before their previous lighting was spoiled."

"Job is done great as it's much brighter than before, even before the previous lighting was spoiled."

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Our Project Lifecycle keeps your Goals in mind with just 4 simple but effective steps

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Step 1

Project Consultation

Our expert team of project consultants will customise a CCTV security plan with a free site survey to understand your layout configuration and requirements.. With a project budget and timeline that suits your needs, we strive to meet your goals and exceed expectations.

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Step 2


Upon confirmation of your requirements and specifications, we will propose a quotation containing the details of your tailored solution, such as product and service cost breakdowns, installation dates, etc.

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Step 3

Installation, Testing, &Commissioning

Known for our fast installation speed, our skilled technicians will provide cabling works, termination, installation, testing, commissioning, system configuration, and user training, etc.

Your dedicated project manager will keep you updated throughout the entire project lifecycle.

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Step 4

Maintenance &
After-Sales Support

Unlike contractors who disappear after installations or whenever problems arise, we assure you that we will be here for you.

Our customer service is just a phone call or email away. We will rectify any technical issues and questions that you may face.

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