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Smart Building Security Solutions

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Smart Building Security Solutions

As Singapore’s leading CCTV camera contractor, we offer professional services and solutions such as CCTV Cameras for buildings and offices, Door Access as well as Network Cabling Systems. Our team is well-equipped to provide set-up, installation, and dismantling services.


It is important to lay the groundwork before the servers, computers, and other IT hardware are added. Our goal is to maximise system performance and achieve optimal connectivity at all times. Regardless of the complexity of projects, we always deliver effective solutions.

Features and benefits

Your next step to making buildings smarter, safer and more efficient.

No more manual processes

Smart building solutions are the emerging concept of the fully computed building. Enable secure access with the latest IoT and cloud based technology framework. From facial recognition devices to temperature sensors, gather insightful data to have a greater understanding of the way your office building or facilities work.

Enhance staff morale

Straightforwardly designed with employee wellbeing in mind. This intuitive system has higher levels of engagement among staff members which results in improved performance levels overall.

Reduce energy bills

Have your energy usage reduced by up to 50% through efficient lighting, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and other interconnected systems that carefully measure usage in real-time.

Track from anywhere

With the help of internet-connected cameras and sensor-based technologies, you can monitor the exterior and interior of your building from anywhere in the world. Get video and audio fed to your mobile device via Wi-Fi or cellular networks.

Smart Building Solutions

Smart Office

Turn your office into a responsive and interactive environment to improve productivity and efficiency.

A Smart Office is one that responds and reacts to the simplest commands from your phone or smart controller. Integrate technology into your workplace to maximise workflow.

Smart Office

Smart Hotel

Simple, welcoming and removes the complications of figuring out which switch works for which appliance.

Create a smoother flow for guests and improve their experience at your distinguished establishment. Hospitality has never been smarter.

Smart Hotel

Smart Home

Comfort and convenience with just a touch.

Come home to an easy and fuss-free system with our Smart Home system that enables you to kick back and relax without an extensive list of appliances to manage.

Build an automated home that does your work for you so that you can do more.

Smart Home
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