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The Right Intercom System Can Improve Your Security — Here’s How

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

The intercom system in Singapore has come a long way from the traditional intercoms that were once only found in schools and offices. Today's intercom systems are advanced, sophisticated, and highly efficient tools that can provide a wide range of benefits for businesses, offices and even homes. One of the most important benefits of an intercom system in Singapore is the security it can provide. A good security intercom system can help keep your property and people safe by controlling who enters your property via monitoring and recording activity, improving communication, and responding quickly in case of an emergency. In this blog post, we discuss how the right intercom system in Singapore can improve your security, and why you should consider installing one in your property.

Restrict Access to Your Property

An intercom system is a powerful tool that allows you to control who enters your property by giving you the ability to speak with visitors before granting them access. This is achieved through the use of an intercom panel or keypad located at the entrance of your property. When a visitor arrives at your property, they can press a button to speak with you or a designated representative through a speaker and microphone. This allows you to verify the identity of the visitor and decide whether or not to grant them access.

This feature is especially useful for businesses or residential properties with multiple units, such as apartments or condominiums. In these situations, an intercom system can be used to control access to specific areas of the property or to certain units. For example, if a delivery person arrives at the property, you can speak with them through the intercom and grant them access to the delivery area, while denying access to other areas of the property.

An intercom system can also be integrated with other security measures such as access control systems, which can allow you to grant or deny access based on the visitor's credentials such as a code, card or even biometric data. This provides a supplementary layer of security and ensures that only authorised individuals are granted access to your property.

Monitor and Record Activity

The modern intercom systems are equipped with built-in cameras that allow you to monitor and record activity at the entrance of your property. With the camera feature, you can view live footage of activity at the entrance of your property. It is your opportunity to see who is outside before granting them access. This can be helpful to detect individuals who try to enter your property under false pretence. You can also use the camera footage to identify any suspicious activity or behaviour such as loitering or attempted break-ins and take appropriate action to address the situation.

The recording feature, on the other hand, allows you to capture footage of activity at the entrance of your property, which can be used as evidence in the event of a crime. This footage can be used to identify suspects, assist in the prosecution of criminals, and provide important information to law enforcement. The recorded footage can additionally be used for security audits and incident investigations.

It's worth noting that intercom systems with camera features should comply with local and national regulations regarding data protection, privacy and surveillance.

Enhance Guest and Employee Communication

An intercom system is not just a security tool. It also serves as an effective communication tool that can help improve communication between guests or employees within your property. This can be achieved in a number of ways including:

Giving directions to visitors

Visitors who are unfamiliar with the property can use the audio intercom system to request directions to their destination. You or a designated representative can then provide them with clear and concise instructions, helping them to navigate the property more easily.

Alerting employees of important announcements

The intercom system can be used to quickly alert employees of important announcements, such as meetings, emergencies, or changes in work schedule. This can help keep everyone informed and on the same page, improving overall communication within the property.

Communication between different departments or units

An intercom system can also be used to facilitate communication between different departments or units within a property. This can be especially useful for businesses or organisations with multiple locations, as it allows employees to easily communicate with one another, regardless of their location.

Paging system

Intercom systems can be integrated with a paging system which can be used to make announcements and page people on the property. This can be useful in case of emergency, or to communicate important information such as changes in schedule or meeting time.

Emergency Response

In the event of an emergency, every second counts, and a quick and efficient response can make the difference between life and death. An intercom system can play a critical role in ensuring the safety of the people on your property during an emergency by providing a quick and efficient way to alert everyone and provide instructions on how to safely evacuate.

One of the most important features of an intercom system in case of an emergency is the ability to quickly alert everyone on the property. This can be done by using the intercom to make an announcement, instructing people to evacuate the property immediately. This feature can be especially useful in situations where the alarm system may not be heard or seen by all the occupants, such as in a large building with multiple floors or in a building with high noise levels.

Intercom systems can also be integrated with fire alarm systems, providing a faster and more efficient response to emergencies. When the fire alarm is activated, the intercom system can automatically make an announcement, providing instructions on safely evacuating the property. This integration can help ensure that everyone on the property is aware of the emergency and knows what to do, even if they are not near the fire alarm.

Remote Access

Many intercom systems can be controlled remotely via a smartphone or computer, which allows you to grant access to guests even if you’re not on site. This is ideal for property managers or business owners frequently absent from their property.

Improve Your property’s Security with Keydence's Customised Intercom System Solutions in Singapore - Contact Us Today!

An intercom system can be a valuable tool for improving the security of your property in Singapore. It can be used to control who enters, monitor and record activity, improve communication, and respond quickly in case of emergency. However, it's essential to choose an intercom system that meets the specific needs of your property and is tailored to your requirements.

At Keydence, we understand the importance of expert customisation, rigorous testing, and a dedicated procurement team when it comes to providing the best intercom system for your property. Our solutions are fully customised and designed according to the technical specifications required by individual projects. We also ensure that our systems are tested, and retested to ensure that everything is in the right place. Our team goes the extra mile to procure products outside of our current inventory to meet the varying requirements of each project.

If you're interested in learning more about how we can help improve the security of your property with an intercom system, contact us today. Our team will be happy to answer any questions.


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