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Functions of An Alarm System

An alarm system not only safeguards your property from trespassers, it also acts as a great deterrent. Perfect for homes and businesses. Whether you’re away on a holiday, for a company retreat or just resting within the premises, you can definitely have a peace-of-mind knowing that your valuables and loved ones are safe.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, home security has never been easier to adopt. Previously you’d require a significant sum for the implementation. Now it is definitely much more accessible. At the same time, you’d also enjoy an upgrade to the technology as well. Receive alerts that are sent directly to your phone, wherever you are in the world!

Electronic alarm systems are often used in industrial, commercial, residential and military properties as deterrence to burglary, property damage, and protection against potential intruders or any other threatening situations. A security alarm system is designed to detect intrusion and unauthorized entry into an office or building.

An alarm system usually consists of a control panel, sensors, and sirens or strobe lights. It is important to engage trained professionals for installation to ensure that all components function properly.

Motion detectors are used at shopping malls that have sliding doors, glass break detectors can be used for exactly what they are named after which is for alerting when there is a break in. Generally, security alarm systems are used in office buildings to protect and safeguard against crime.

These security systems were designed to provide their users with personalized quality alarm systems with features well ahead of their competitors. Featured with a reliable communication technology, flexible expansion and great-looking keypads, making for an ideal security system for any domestic or commercial installations. The alarm panel that we have is one of a kind with an inbuilt receiver that allows you to combine both wired and wireless devices all in one!

Our main priority is to provide customers with the most advanced and user friendly security solutions available on the market. We evaluate and test each of the products available for sale to ensure they exceed our expectations of proving the best possible security solution within their specification.

We begin our service with a site survey carried out by our dedicated surveyor. The surveyor will be able to assess your security vulnerabilities and custom design an alarm system that meets your specified requirements. This service is complimentary and would take no longer than 30 minutes usually.

We have a range of easy to install detectors and sensors that employ advanced technology for the most accurate and dependable detection. Suitable not only for commercial properties but also residential and military, Keydence equips you with a sturdy and efficient electronic alarm system to keep away unwanted visitors.


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