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How Biometric Door Access Systems Improve The Security Of Your Home and Business?

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

With the increasing demand for greater and more convenient security systems, biometric door access systems have been gaining popularity over the past years.

Biometric door access systems help to monitor and manage people entering, exiting, and moving around, offering offices and homes greater security and protection. They recognise an individual’s personal biological features, such as facial features, fingerprints, voice, and even body movements.

How do biometric doors work?

Unlike traditional access systems like physical or digital locks, biometric door access systems only allow the intended user to access the area. This prevents the keys, passwords, or access cards to be shared or stolen.

When the biometric door access system is first installed, biological data like fingerprints or facial features are collected from the authorised individuals. The data is then recorded down and stored in the data file in the system.

When the individual proceeds to unlock the door, the biometric door access system will recognise the individual’s personal biological features and grant him access to the house, building or an area of a building.

Why is installing a biometric door access system beneficial?

There are many benefits to installing biometric door access systems such as more convenience and greater security.

Added convenience: Biometric door access systems make use of one’s biological features to grant entry and access. An individual will no longer need to carry keys or access cards to enter or exit a building. They just have to simply scan their biological data like their fingerprint or retina to gain access, which saves a lot of time and trouble.

Greater security: Compared to physical or digital lock systems, biometric door access systems are much harder for potential intruders to damage or tamper with. Physical locks can be broken easily, while digital locks can be hacked remotely. Biological data, however, is unique to each individual and cannot be easily duplicated or damaged. An individual’s biometric code is also always with him. It is very difficult for anyone else to access it, which minimises the risks of losing keys or access cards that are needed in physical and digital locks.

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