Why Door Access System is important for some industries?


In Singapore although there is a population of over 5 million, it is still hard to keep track of every single one of us. On top of that, there are also foreigners who work here with a work permit pass therefore it can be a problem for the government if they do not have a procedure to monitor the entry and exit of travelers and that is why we have one of the best airports in Singapore when it comes to security and surveillance. Similarly, our retail and construction industry have different needs when it comes to security and tracking  just like the environment of an airport.



#1 Time-keep and Payroll

If there is a HR Department for Payroll then it is important to keep track of the people who especially work on a part-time basis as having a Door Access System will help HR to be able to track their employees record.

The Door Access System will help retail employees, as they will just need an access card or their thumbprint to access the store.

There may be different outlets with countless of employees thus HR won’t need to have to physically take count of the number of employees present on that day.

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#2 Portable Bio metric Door System

For construction, most of the workers have to work outdoors thus our door access system also comes with a portable function, you are able to bring it over to the construction site for your workers to punch in physically which is a great way to keep track of your employees.

#3 Entry access based on timing

With a Biometric door access system, you are able to set the time when people enter your retail shop. If you have a large number of employees having a key can a be hassle as, if they lose it, they might not be able to open the shop and business will be distracted.

#4 Lab, pharmacy, Clean room, data centre

In an environment where bacteria and dust are strictly not allowed it is so important to limit access only to certain people in the organization. With a door access system, access can only be permitted by employees who are given the authority to.

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#5 Higher security

Every organization might have information or property that must always be safe-guarded and protected. It is the organization’s job to protect and safeguard such objects from getting on the wrong hands therefore a door access system would do the job of protecting and safeguarding.

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