Why are Businesses choosing the Door Access System?


The Door Access System and Fingerprint Door Locks have been making a mark with businesses in Singapore and around the world. As businesses have become well-aware of the importance of protecting and safeguarding their resources in this time and age.

Therefore, more businesses are adopting the biometric door access system. We’ll show you why demand is rising for these devices:





Having a key just does not work anymore as it takes time to find it, then insert it into a keyhole and then open the door. Unlike a door access system which needs only your fingerprint. It will save you lots of precious time searching for your keys or access card. As, Benjamin Franklin said, Time is money, right?




If your office is designed with a modern minimalistic look then the digital door lock will be most suitable for your office design. It has a hi-tech design that looks and feels chic and professional at the same time. A tailored design that will suit all your needs and fit any décor.



Tech Features

Door Access locks come with hi-tech features that enables a smooth entry and exit system for your business. It also prevents illegal trespassing and an opportunity for burglary to occur as access is controlled by finger print. It has many functions to ensure that your business environment is secure similarly, auto re-locking and viewing access logs ,makes you feel more secured. Finally, functions like granting time-sensitive access to visitors remotely provide greater convenience.

Its time to go keyless! Enquire now!

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