Outdoor CCTV Security Camera for Office and Home



Keep your Business and home safe by monitoring what is going on inside and outside of it. There are many reasons why the CCTV surveillance camera is a good security gadget to have in terms of security and protection. These CCTV’s are outdoor-friendly, here’s why!


#1 Weather-proof

Just like phones are water-proof and weather-proof, CCTV Cameras too are prone to weather conditions such as rain, storm and hot temperatures. This is why it is important to choose the CCTV Cameras that especially suited for outdoor use. As the weather condition sometimes can be very unpredictable, CCTV cameras have to be weather-proof and be able to withstand weather activity.

Outdoor rated security cameras are completely protected from both dust and moisture. This allows them to be installed in nearly any location both indoors and out. While protection against water technically starts at the IPx1 rating, we recommend a minimum of IPx6 to guarantee protection against all manner of liquids. Following this tip will make sure that the camera’s internals stay dry and free from debris that would damage it.

#2 Resolution

With up to 8 mega pixels a CCTV surveillance Camera is able to capture details such as number plate and a person’s face. This IP Camera is one of the popular products that we have if you are interested. It also is able to record a clear view of a person’s face or number plate so that to track the strangers or cars entering our home or office building.

Rest assured when you have a CCTV Camera it will definitely give you a peace of mind knowing that you can view the footage anytime of the day. Productivity will increase when you feel confident.

#3 Motion and Sound Detection

Many activities can take place outdoors and sometimes not, motion detection will save you the energy that you will use to watch videos of empty areas around your office vicinity. With the motion and detection feature the CCTV camera only records something when there is an activity going on. On the other hand, the other cameras will record everything which will mean that you will have to just watch the entire clip even if there is nothing that happened. Secondly, the camera will always stay in a standby mode until there is motion. This saves much of the energy that could have been used to power the camera throughout the period.

# Video Stored

Recorded video can be stored in a number of ways. If you are concerned about privacy and therefore would not rather store video in the cloud then cameras with with an in-built micro SD card slot should do the trick, therefore it is important to select a camera which  offers a CVR (Continuous Video Recording) plan where the camera is always recording and will store up to 30 days of 24/7 video in the cloud. This will let you give you the ability to go back and see everything that’s been going on outside of your house.

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