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How Do Biometric Door Access Systems Work?

Biometric door access system

Biometric door access system

With the increasing demand for greater and more convenient security systems, biometric door access systems have been gaining popularity over the past years.

Biometric door access systems help to monitor and manage people entering, exiting, and moving around, offering offices and homes greater security and protection. They recognise an individual’s personal biological features, such as facial features, fingerprints, voice, and even body movements.

How do biometric doors work?

Unlike traditional access systems like physical or digital locks, biometric door access systems only allow the intended user to access the area. This prevents the keys, passwords, or access cards to be shared or stolen.

When the biometric door access system is first installed, biological data like fingerprints or facial features are collected from the authorised individuals. The data is then recorded down and stored in the data file in the system.

When the individual proceeds to unlock the door, the biometric door access system will recognise the individual’s personal biological features and grant him access to the house, building or an area of a building.

Why is installing a biometric door access system beneficial?

There are many benefits to installing biometric door access systems such as more convenience and greater security.

Added convenience: Biometric door access systems make use of one’s biological features to grant entry and access. An individual will no longer need to carry keys or access cards to enter or exit a building. They just have to simply scan their biological data like their fingerprint or retina to gain access, which saves a lot of time and trouble.

Greater security: Compared to physical or digital lock systems, biometric door access systems are much harder for potential intruders to damage or tamper with. Physical locks can be broken easily, while digital locks can be hacked remotely. Biological data, however,  is unique to each individual and cannot be easily duplicated or damaged. An individual’s biometric code is also always with him. It is very difficult for anyone else to access it, which minimises the risks of losing keys or access cards that are needed in physical and digital locks.

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Established in 1997, Keydence is a leading biometric door access system provider in Singapore. We have gained recognition in Singapore for providing biometric door access solutions to protect homes and businesses.Contact us to install your biometric door access system today.

Everything You Need to Know About Data Cable Systems


Network cabling provider


Network cabling providers are in-charge of installing data cable systems in homes and offices. Having an efficient and robust data cable system is more important than ever before as many companies are starting to digitalise, with remote working becoming the norm during these unprecedented times.

What are Data Cable Systems

Data cable systems are high-density, rack-to-rack connection systems for data and telecommunication equipment. A data cable system is a cabling system that allows multiple network devices in different areas to communicate with one another, with the use of data network cables. 

Types of Data Network Cables

Data network cables play a crucial role in the data cable system. They are used in homes and offices for connectivity and electricity. There are many different types of data network cables such as twisted pair cables, fibre optic cables, as well as specific CAT 5e, CAT 6,  and CAT 6a cables.

Twisted pair cables:  The cable derived its name from its design where two wires are placed together in a twisted form, parallel to each other. Twisted pair cables help to reduce cross-talk and electromagnetic induction so there are few disruptions between both devices that are connected. Common products that make use of these cables are phone systems.

Fiber optic cables:  Fiber optic cables, also known as optical fiber cables, are growing in popularity these few years. They transmit internet and digital data very quickly as they make use of light energy. Fiber cable is the safest type of cable as it cannot be breached by hackers. As such, they are usually used in offices, alongside CAT 6 and electrical cables.

Coaxial cables:  Coaxial cables are used for the transmission of radio frequency (RF) signals from one point to another. These network cables can carry signals at a greater level. They are commonly used by cable TV services to provide for end-users.

The Importance of Data Cable Systems

To keep your daily work operations running smoothly, it is important to have an effective network cabling system with proper network connectivity and minimal disruptions. Data cable systems are both cost and time-efficient as well as flexible in usage.

  1. Cost and time-efficient: With a proper data cable system in place, the wiring infrastructure will be well-organised, saving you the troubleshooting time and maintenance costs. Data cable systems also limit the use of power, so your utilities bills are kept low.
  2. Flexible usage: As your business grows, your IT requirements will expand and evolve. A good data cable system is customisable and adapts to your network infrastructure. It provides you with the option of having an adjustable and scalable network to grow with your business needs.

How to Install Data Cable Systems

As this involves important information and data, it is best to hire a professional network cabling provider to install the data cable systems for your office(s) and/or home. The network cabling provider will be able to follow through with the data cable system project from start to end, such as deploying the network cabling contractor, installing the network cabling, and conducting cable management – ensuring minimal disruption to your workflow.

For safety and a peace of mind, look for a network cabling provider that fulfils all the TIA-EIA-568-B.2-1 requirements for CAT 5e and CAT 6 cables set by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) and accredited by American National Standards Institute (ANSI).


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Established in 1997, Keydence is a leading network cabling provider that has gained recognition in Singapore for providing cabling system solutions to protect and connect businesses in a rapidly changing environment. Contact us to set up your data cable systems today.



What To Look Out For When Choosing A CCTV Camera

CCTV camera contractor


Closed-circuit television camera, commonly known as CCTV camera, offers round-the-clock surveillance both indoors and outdoors. There are many different types of them offered by CCTV camera contractors from HDB CCTV cameras, indoor CCTV cameras to outdoor CCTV cameras.

CCTV cameras are used to cover blind spots and enhance monitoring of your premises, greatly reducing the costs and manpower needed for extra security.

So what should you look out for when choosing a CCTV camera?


Analogue or IP Camera

Firstly, decide whether to get an analogue or Internet Protocol (IP) camera. The type of CCTV camera chosen will subsequently affect the resolution, field of view, and storage of the footage.


Camera Design

Next, choose the CCTV camera’s design. There are various CCTV camera designs that suit different premises and situations. Common CCTV camera designs include dome cameras, bullet cameras, and C-mount cameras.

Dome cameras have a 360-degree rotation of the camera and can cover all angles of the premise.

Bullet cameras cover long distances. Their casings are resistant to water and dirt, which is suitable for outdoor use.

C-mount cameras are highly versatile, with detachable lenses that can monitor varying distances. Special lenses can also be fitted to extend its range.



The higher the video resolution, the sharper the images you can see.

IP CCTV cameras provide a higher resolution than analogue CCTV cameras, with better zoom-in capabilities. They tend to capture better quality images, especially with moving targets, as the frame rates can be adjusted according to the bandwidth provided.

However, analogue CCTV cameras perform better in low-light or dark conditions.

If you wish to zoom in to license plates or individual faces, choose super/ultra HD with an 8x or 12x digital zoom lens.


Field of view

Field of view represents the angle covered by the CCTV camera. An optimal field of view is between 130 and 180 degrees. With a wider field of view, you can install fewer cameras and your entire property will still be covered.

IP CCTV cameras typically cover a wider viewing area, with more detailed images captured.



Captured video footage is commonly stored for 7-10 days. An analogue, or traditional, CCTV camera sends the video over cable to VCRs or DVRs. Meanwhile, an IP CCTV camera stores live footage in online servers so they can be easily accessed or retrieved anywhere via a computer or mobile phone.


Reliable CCTV Contractor

Lastly, it is perhaps the most important to choose a reliable CCTV camera contractor. A trusted contractor will provide a variety of cameras for you to choose from, proper installation, as well as excellent after-support and maintenance services.


Let us help you pick the right CCTV camera in Singapore today

Established in 1997, Keydence is the preferred CCTV camera contractor for many household brands and government entities in Singapore. We offer an on-site survey so the right types of CCTV cameras can be chosen for your premise. Want to buy quality CCTV security cameras? Contact us at 6459 0780 today.


Introduction to Phone System


When a potential customer reaches out to you, not only are they looking to hear a friendly voice at the end of the line, they are also looking for a smooth, painless experience. That means no disconnection, fumbling around with complicated phone systems to connect them to relevant departments. Investing in the right phone system could mean a world of a difference between customer retention or a high drop off rate.


Don’t underestimate the power of a phone call! While emails and messengers are really nifty, it lacks that bit of personal touch that adds a crucial layer of trust between client and business that no other technology can do. Another understated perk is that this might just be the most fuss free way to communicate! No need for software updates, plug-ins, additional downloads. This is a communication tool that you can rely on.


In an increasingly interconnected world dominated by the need for clearer and faster communication channels, Keydence has proven able to keep ahead of the pack to offer you the PBX Phone system in order to meet your business needs. The PBX Phone System enables you to transfer calls and enjoy call conferences in addition to having better connectivity as compared to other phone systems. As the cherry on the icing on top of the cake, the PBX Phone System is available for purchase right here at Keydence.


What is a PBX Phone System?


Your landline is one of the important tools after your laptop or desktop as it is the fastest and most convenient form of communication between people. This phone system is known as PBX which stands for Private Branch Exchange, which is a telephone network which involves multiple telephones interconnected to allow for call handling and transferring, conferences, call recording, private and shared voice messages inboxes, and many other features. The users of the PBX phone system can communicate internally and externally using different communication channels like analog. A PBX also allows you to have more phones than physical phone lines and allows free calls between users.

Business phone systems are generally classified as key telephone systems if they do not require an operator or attendant to connect stations, or as private branch exchanges if there is shared linkage with central office telephone systems. There are also many versions of hybrid phone systems.



Traditional vs IP PBX

Traditional PBXs would have their own proprietary phones, such that there would be a way to re-use these phones with a different system. This means that we either have system-lock-in (we are bound to the same system because changing system means also changing phones, which makes it prohibitively expensive to break away) or vendor-lock-in (we are bound to the same vendor because the phones are only usable with systems from the same vendor, sometimes only within a particular range of systems).

As technology has improved with time, the traditional PBXs have transformed into a whole different telephone landscape, with the flag-bearer being the Open-Standards-based IP PBX. The point of the “IP” in this new era is that the phone calls are delivered using the Internet Protocol as the underlying transport technology.

We offer Panasonic brand’s telephone system range that includes IP Phone Systems, Hybrid Phone Systems, Digital Phone Systems and Analogue Systems which are convenient to set up and offers provides more flexibility and manageability making them the ideal telephone system solution for your business.

If you are interested give us a call today!

Disclaimer: The opinions written in this article are those of the author and do not entirely reflect the official policy or position of any agency of Keydence. If you feel that we have incorrectly used any media items belonging to anyone without the right accreditation, simply write to us at sales@keydence.com to request a takedown. Removals will be done within 24hrs of acknowledgement


Why is it important to install a Biometric Door Access System?

We walk through doors countless of times everyday. Don’t you think it should be managed better? While it might seem trivial at first glance, a door access system is an extremely critical component in security and privacy – especially in an environment where confidential information is stored, like offices. This is why have set up biometric door lock for offices in Singapore. Upping the ante, this product lets you enjoy the convenience you never knew you needed. It combines heightened safety, security privacy, collection protection of data and information all into one. It provides the initial filter of access levels for both your visitors and your employees. Access levels are fully customisable. It allows us to differentiate access by user, note activity and provide security logs for the human resources department. Much more than just the first line of defence, our Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock System is now a one stop solution. Similarly, educational institutes and landed properties enjoy the above benefits too, the fingerprint digital door lock system provides easy identification and access.


Choose from a range of door access tools such as:

* Pin keypad

* Proximity Access ­­

* Biometric fingerprint door lock


Advantages of choosing our Door Access Controller:

* Improved tracking of work hours

* Incident monitoring system complete with a security alarmed

* Biometric Access bolstered by Infrared Face Technology

* Full-view HD touch screen

* Built-in web server

* Fingerprint Access Control


In Singapore although there is a population of over 5 million, it is still hard to keep track of every single one of us. On top of that, there are also foreigners who work here with a work permit pass therefore it can be a problem for the government if they do not have a procedure to monitor the entry and exit of travelers and that is why we have one of the best airports in Singapore when it comes to security and surveillance. Similarly, our retail and construction industry have different needs when it comes to security and tracking  just like the environment of an airport.

#1 Time-keep and Payroll

If there is a HR Department for Payroll then it is important to keep track of the people who especially work on a part-time basis as having a Door Access System will help HR to be able to track their employees record.

The Door Access System will help retail employees, as they will just need an access card or their thumbprint to access the store.

There may be different outlets with countless of employees thus HR won’t need to have to physically take count of the number of employees present on that day.

Photo by Scott Blake on Unsplash

#2 Portable Bio metric Door System

For construction, most of the workers have to work outdoors thus our door access system also comes with a portable function, you are able to bring it over to the construction site for your workers to punch in physically which is a great way to keep track of your employees.

#3 Entry access based on timing

With a Biometric door access system, you are able to set the time when people enter your retail shop. If you have a large number of employees having a key can a be hassle as, if they lose it, they might not be able to open the shop and business will be distracted.

#4 Lab, pharmacy, Clean room, data centre

In an environment where bacteria and dust are strictly not allowed it is so important to limit access only to certain people in the organization. With a door access system, access can only be permitted by employees who are given the authority to.


Photo by Clark Street Mercantile on Unsplash

#5 Higher security

Every organization might have information or property that must always be safe-guarded and protected. It is the organization’s job to protect and safeguard such objects from getting on the wrong hands therefore a door access system would do the job of protecting and safeguarding.


Disclaimer: The opinions written in this article are those of the author and do not entirely reflect the official policy or position of any agency of Keydence. If you feel that we have incorrectly used any media items belonging to anyone without the right accreditation, simply write to us at sales@keydence.com to request a takedown. Removals will be done within 24hrs of acknowledgement.





Payrolla list of employees and their salariesMore (Definitions, Synonyms, Translation)




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andin order to; used instead of “to”, especially after try, come, goMore (Definitions, Synonyms, Translation)

The Technology behind a PA System

Hosting a large event? Need to be heard? More likely than not you require a Public Address System or more commonly referred to as the PA system. Once exclusive to bands, DJs and sound engineers, today’s PA systems are much more available and at a greater variety to meet different applications. Whether it’s for a small scale event like a conference, or a concert, definitely let us know and we will be able to advise accordingly!

What is it? 

A public address system (PA system) is an electronic system that comes with microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and related equipment. It enhances and increases the apparent volume and clarity of a human voice, musical instrument, or other acoustic sound source or recorded sound or music.

How do PA Systems Work?

The main purpose of a PA system is to provide “public address”, or a way to transmit audio communication to a certain group. This transmission can begin with a microphone, which is a device that can assist in magnifying an audio source’s volume. Microphones used in PA systems are usually dynamic or condensers.

There are five main parts to any PA system:

  • Microphones, DI boxes and other sources.
  • A mixer.
  • Power amplifiers.
  • Speakers.
  • An arrangement of cables to interconnect the equipment.

If you’re new to PA systems, here are some of the main specifications to consider!

  1. Wattage
    This describes the volume potential and speaker clarity. Generally, the higher the wattage, the louder a PA speaker will be able to get. This is important as insufficient wattage would result in fuzzy sounds and constant break ups.
  2. Size and weight
    Inches over diameter is how speakers are measured. As expected, a large speaker would result in a more expansive sound. Weight would be a factor as well, including the type of materials used to house the speaker.
  3. Sound quality
    A musician would more likely be concerned about this specification. They would definitely value clarifty and definition over other professions that purely require a system that allows them to make their voice heard.


Look no further than Keydence as we have the PA system you are looking for. Premium quality products coupled with swift and reliable setup, Keydence’s PA systems continue to be a frontrunner in consumer preference.


Disclaimer: The opinions written in this article are those of the author and do not entirely reflect the official policy or position of any agency of Keydence. If you feel that we have incorrectly used any media items belonging to anyone without the right accreditation, simply write to us at sales@keydence.com to request a takedown. Removals will be done within 24hrs of acknowledgement.


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