4 ways Fiber Optic Cable improves your Business

You would be wondering, how a cable as thin as a hair strand is able to deliver such high speed internet? Here are four ways fiber optic cable can improve your connectivity for your business and home.

26 June 2019

Does your internet connection lag at times when you are sending an email or an important report to a client? Fiber Optic Cable is not only just a cable, your business can improve so much with the amazing benefits a Fiber Optic Cable can offer. From increased connectivity to protecting your data, check out how fiber optic improves your business!


#1 Fiber Optic Cable provides higher bandwidth and higher capacity  

To stay competitive in a business, you have to be productive but if your internet speed is low and is a barrier to your productivity then it is definitely time to switch. Fiber cables are thinner and its material contains strands of glass fibers inside an insulated plastic casing that enables a greater network of bandwidth and maximized up-time for data connection. The center of each strand is called the core, which provides the pathway for light to travel. The core is surrounded by a layer of glass called cladding that reflects light inward to avoid loss of signal. Because light can travel much longer distances down a fiber cable without losing its strength, it lessens the need for signal boosters leading to better connection and productivity.

#2 Data Protection is everything

Data privacy is everything in a business, Fiber optic cable ensures a secured link for network connected to multiple applications and it provides greater data protection as it is harder to tap on and easier to monitor physical breaches.Fiber-optic technology is also very secure because if someone attempts to tap a fiber-optic cable, there is a high chance the glass will break. This will probably alarm maintenance professionals, and the attempt is likely to fail.

#3 It is more durable than normal Cable

Optical fiber is created by an entirely different process. Its materials include pure silica rod or tube and the rest of the material is deposited at high temperature using ultra-pure gasses to create a preform. The preform is solidified, then placed in a drawing tower where the fiber is pulled into long strands. Careful control of the process makes the glass incredibly pure, transparent and strong.

Fiber can withstand about 100-200 pounds of pressure, meaning it is far less likely to be damaged during routine operations in close proximity.

#4 Fiber Optic Cable is more flexible, bends easily and resists more corrosive elements compared to normal cable.

Fiber optic cables are designed with high flexibility to withstand crushing forces. The soft jacket and padding provided by the strength members protect the fibers. Fiber optic cables are used under carpets in casinos where money carts are regularly pushed over them. Special tactical cables are used on the battlefield where they can withstand the weight of tanks.





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