4 Uses of Fiber Optic Cable


Without fiber optic cable, the modern Internet and World Wide Web would not be possible. Copper transmits only a few million electrical pulses per second, compared to fiber optic cable which carries up to 20 billion light pulses per second. This is the reason many industries use fiber optic cable.

Learn about the uses of fiber optic cable:

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#1 Media Industry

As the standard of living increases, people demand for better entertainment – quality music and movie. Fiber optics has made significant advances in the field of communications. The use of light as its source of data transmission has improved the sound quality in voice communications.


#2 Military

 Fiber Optics provide more security compared to traditional metal-based system. Because of the magnetic interference information is leaked. However, Fiber Optics is resistant to electrical interference; therefore fiber optics is suitable for military applications and communications, where signal quality and security of data transmission are important.


#3 Networking

Computer and internet technology have become more efficient and enhanced as fiber optics cable is used to connect servers and users in a variety of network settings. This helps increase the speed, quality and accuracy of data transmission.



#4 Lighting and Imaging

In the medical, technological and industrial fields, fiber optics are used as light guides. In some buildings fiber optics are used to transmit sunlight from the roof to other parts of the building. Fiber Optics is also used for decorations including signs, art and artificial Christmas trees.


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