Established since 1997, Keydence has always held on to the belief of customising solutions for cabling and security systems to provide optimal connectivity and performance.

Unlocking Productivity

Begins with Customised Solutions for Network and Security Needs

From The Ground Up

Even at the beginning of his career as a technician, our founder Lawrence Lin always sought to study and perfect his techniques. He laid cables and wiring and security systems not knowing as he did, he laid the foundations for a company that would stand for the very things that set him apart—the technical prowess, thirst for knowledge, and makebetter mindset Keydence Systems brings every project

We Build Effectiveness

While every project is different and demands a unique solution, we deliver only one thing: effectiveness. You’ll see this in our timeline, project phasing, and vast inventory of choice materials and equipment. What you get at project’s end:
a network or security solution that’s at pace with technology, fully customised, effective—simply, a place for work that works.

First, Last, Always

Our robust and effective systems are designed to assure the smooth rhythm of your daily operations—you won’t notice, and you aren’t meant to. Yet our work is first to greet you at the door, sees you off at end of day, and continues well after you’re gone. These are the efficiencies we’ve built into countless offices, schools, and institutions since 1997.

What Keydence means

Our name is inspired by the concept of cadence where the idea of having a smooth rhythmic and continuous motion is being translated to network and security connectivity. This brings about optimal performance with minimal downtime which is key to business and surveillance success.

Our dynamic and circular logo icon represents the on-going momentum of network connectivity. It also signifies the synergy of the internal and external teams of Keydence coming together to develop effective network and security systems.

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